Everyone in this generation is shopaholic, no need to ask. We use to shop and chuck bags which we had used to carry what we have bought. There is again no requirement to ask frankly. Our hobby makes earth not at all holly. 

 When you will read you will realize how we harass the earth. If you really want to be eco friendly first step is to stop using carry bags!!! Oh it’s not possible!! Then what could be a solution for our “Go Green” resolution. “Greener bag” - Bio bag or Bio degradable bag are actual word for greener bags. What is Bio bag?? Or what is bio degradable bag?? No doubt concept is new, everyone would be curious that how bag can be eco friendly. 

 In 1980s first time sacs bio (Bio bags) were introduced to the world. Bio-bags consist of magic ingredient that destruct own self only after some months that are capable of being decomposed by bacteria or other living organisms. If you have gone at KFC, Pizza Hut you must have seen it. Air, moisture and such kind of element causes breakdown of elements, this elements could be food ,waste paper , fabric ,wood etc. meanwhile in the absence of air and moisture decomposition down and liberate green house gas and methane in the air.

These days even industries have became conscious about friendly environment as we already facing a lot environment related issues. Then why we are not?? For that, we required unprecedented collective effort that can be done by using natural resources in sustainable limit. For Human definition of sustainability would be using the earth’s resources at the rate at which they can be filling up again. We should look for bio degradable plastic when purchasing products in the industries like Apparel, Bakery packaging, Dry cleaning bags, Food packaging, Pharmaceutical packaging etc.

There are four types of bio degradable bags based on what elements are used in composition.

1)Cornstarch Impregnated Bags: As name suggest the main element will be cornstarch in the composition of bio bag. Cornstarch is most widely used element in such application. Cornstarch component start to decompose instantly when it get expose to microbe rich environment. That leads plastic to break in small pieces. At one point bag is absolutely deconstructed.

 2) Photo Sensitive Bags: As name suggests photo sensitive, it means bio bag of such type is start to decompose when that get exposure to the ultra violet rays in sunlight.

 3) Oxo-Biodegradable Bags: If you are looking for most economical manufacturer then this would be a best thought to opt. This sacs bio (bio bags) get oxidized when it get exposure to the oxygen in the air. Furthermore the oxidized fragments alter in carbon dioxide, risk free biomass and water.

 4) Aliphatic technology bags: This technology also using starch as decomposing element, it means these bags also rely on microbes what causes decomposition of bag into basic molecule. Technique is effective but quite expensive compare to others.

How bio bags get manufactured??

Bio degradable comprise of two layers: Inner layer, Outer layer.

These both layers are made of biodegradable thermoplastic material.

What is thermoplastic material? It is actually a water soluble resin (A sticky flammable organic substance, insoluble in water, exuded by some trees and other plants) which contains hydroxyl radical.

For fusing the paper with water soluble resin heat is used at some level of temperature that fuse the surface of the resin film with the paper contact. We can improve the use of heat by spraying thin film starch or any other biodegradable bonding agent on the water soluble resin surface or paper surface. Starch or other bio degradable bonding agent serves as laminating agent of resin and the paper.

Organic polymeric resins consist of carbon, oxygen, hydrogen, and containing the hydroxyl ion that is quite often slowly dissolves in water as well thermoplastic (moldable at specific temperature, and returns to a solid state upon cooling) in nature that helps to being laminated to paper by the application of heat.

This is very useful in the formation of bags that are designed either to store moist/wet material or to protect material from moisture. Which type of paper and resin laminated bag required is rely upon what type of product you are about to store. For an example if you looking to store garbage and moist grass then multiply laminate is used in which resin is used in the inner surface of bag. Meanwhile resin is used at outer surface of bag for a dry materials like seeds, granular fertilizer etc.

Figure showing resins (A sticky flammable organic substance, insoluble in water, exuded by some trees and other plants) which are used for forming a bio bags.

Different techniques:

A multi-layer bag material is consist of a paper layer and a biodegradable polymer film laminated to the paper layer with heat, whereby the surface of the polymer in contact with the paper is fused (melted) to form a bond between the polymer film and paper.

The biodegradable polymer film is created on a paper backing strip by spraying the polymer onto the paper surface, such that the polymer particles are bonded to the paper surface.

In a third form of the invention, the thin layer of starch coat is applying onto one surface of the paper. The process of coating can be done by brushing, spraying or rolling the starch in thin slurry form onto the paper surface. The biodegradable polymer film is laminated onto the starch-coated surface of the paper layer. Use of Pressure and heat can be a good adhesive bond between paper and polymer in which starch act as water-soluble adhesive between paper and polymer.

 For a three layer lamination cellophane (transparent sheet made of regenerated cellulose) is used with the biodegradable polymer and paper, for an example paper layer, polymer layer and a cellophane layer. These three layers are combined together using heat and pressure. Paper coated with starch is called pre-coated paper.