Do you think that Plastic bags are environment friendly!!

Plastic bags are becoming most controversial talk across the world. Plastic Plastic Plastic wherever we go what we see plastic in different form. We use it immensely and we only point towards plastic. Why? Why you are pointing if you don’t know the flaws and qualities. If you really want to point on it first have what actual concern then raise your voice for that.

What I think do you know? Plastic is environment friendly. As per my thoughts every single molecule comes from earth only and it’s solute to earth only. The matter is just time they acquire to get solute back in earth is different. If it is like so then why we are here? That is age-old egocentric philosophical question, “Why are we here?”

The matter is not sachets plastiques (plastic bags) actually that is poisonous to land but matter is we are making them poisonous for earth!! We need it, we use it and then what? Definitely going to say throw it. Right ? Well this is actually trouble that “We throw it”. If you want to throw it go for biodegradable plastic bags. If not then why don’t we reuse it? Why we don’t recycle it? Solutions are offered but we are being lazier.

“Get the right choice very straight. That will make you happy and you make the earth happy.” Know about plastic and apply in your life. Let we know plastic and take it out from controversy.


Plastic is a series of Synthetic or semi synthetic organics solids which we can mold. Core element in plastic is organic polymers. They contain other substances which are derived from petrochemicals and some of derived from natural sources.

How plastic get composed?

Why additives are required in plastic? Is that beneficial or harmful?

Plastic additives are something added to plastic in small quantity to improve it.
Zero percentage: plastic used in wrap food.
Maximum: 50 % added to plastic.
Approx weight of additive is 20% of the weight of polymer.
Filler additive added to polymer that reduces the cost of plastic.
Fillers are actually the minerals. Some filler is active by chemical and some are not.
Chemically active fillers are known as reinforcing agent.
Stabilizing additives lowers the flammability of material.

Classification of Plastic:

Other classifications of plastic:

Based on Quality of plastic
Based on physical properties:
Tensile strength
Glass transition temperature


Electrically conductive

This is what plastic is all about with it’s characteristics. Depends on requirement plastic is get selected to manufacture plastic bags.

How to make plastic bags Biodegradable? What is Biodegradability?

Biodegradable term stands for capable of being decomposed by e.g. bacteria; "a biodegradable detergent".
sacs en plastique biodégradables (Biodegradable plastic bags) get decomposed while get exposure to sunlight. An example of it is ultra violate radiation. More agents which are responsible for bio-degradation are water, bacteria , wind abrasion , enzymes , instances like pest , rodent .
For a plastic bags bio-degradation take place either plastic get exposed at surface or if some condition exist in landfill.

bio bags

What element in plastic bag causes bio-degradation more easily?

Starch: this is an answer as starch powder getting mix with plastic as filler that allows degrade of plastic very easily.
One more innovation have taken place that helps plastic bags to get degrade easily. That is “Genetically engineered bacteria” that used to manufacture a completely biodegradable plastic. This material cost quite much but we all know nothing is precious then earth.
Manufacturing companies applying new innovation to them product. So it’s a step away that we consume it.


This is what we can do for earth actually. We can contribute for the betterment of earth. Biodegradation technique for plastic bags will surely help earth to get rid of landfill. What next can be? View my next posting very soon.